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Fundraiser for the FLBA – Forest Lake Baseball Association

A few short months ago I received the blessing of being voted onto the a board of the Forest Lake Baseball Association. With the season just around the corner we are trying to raise funds for the kids to have a great summer of baseball.

While I was growing up baseball was a huge part of my life and I thank all my coaches for teaching me good character through out my playing years. Sometimes in competitive sports we can get caught up in the score and trying winning “at all costs” but as I look back, baseball taught me much more than just wanting to be in 1st place.

Baseball taught me how to work as a team, to have a good work ethic, how to deal with pressure, success.. and failure, to not make emotional decisions based upon fear, and to respect all those who are around me. These are some of the traits I hope our youth can learn not only from baseball but all other team sports they may enjoy to play.

Joining the FLBA is hopefully my first step into the baseball community of Forest Lake. They have given me an opportunity to instill these characteristics in our youth., because they are our future.

If you have any spare change, I do promise you that we will use the funds to the best of our ability and create an environment for the kids that put them in the best position to succeed.

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Alan Schmidt