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Tax Preparation is one of the three points The Diamond Group focuses on with all our clients. We believe that Estate Planning, Financial Planning, and Tax Preparation work together to provide our clients with a positive financial future.

The Diamond Group offers professional tax preparation through our tax office, Diamond Tax Prep. We teamed up with a tax professional that provides complete, personal income tax preparation. Our office is an authorized IRS e-file provider; we continue to stay up to date with current tax codes and will reveal any tax deductions available.

Diamond Tax Prep offers a “hands-on” approach to tax planning. In addition to your tax preparation, a tax review will be offered. This review is designed to help educate you on ways to save money in taxes, as well as offer possible retirement strategies.

Tax planning questions The Diamond Group can help you with:

  • Are you paying unnecessary tax on your social security benefits?
  • Are non-deferred investment vehicles forcing you to pay tax on income that’s not needed?
  • Can you help me estimate my income for the next year?
  • Do I have any remaining loss carryforwards going into the next tax year?
  • Should I increase my retirement plan contributions?
  • Do you have any recommendations for reducing next year taxes?
  • Is there anything we can do to help my tax situation for next year?